10 Wintersports

Choosing a wintersport destination that can hold up all year round can be difficult. When making a decision, you need to weigh up average costs, as well as the length of time that you want to spend at a destination.

Some places are generally more expensive at particular times of the year, such as Spring or Winter, and may also be affected by their hosting of wintersport championships.

Some of the best destinations for wintersports throughout the entire year consequently include places that are both renowned for their quality, but also include some more out of the way places: - Read More

Boating Holiday

Boating holidays are so popular these days and it’s not hard to see why. There is something really special about being able to take in the great outdoors whilst traveling on a boat and the great thing is you can wake up and go to bed in two completely different places.

Imagine barbecuing on a warm summer’s evening and getting cosy on the boat when it starts to become dark. If this sounds relaxing, a boating holiday is perfect for you.

The peace and quiet that comes with boating is truly great and it is a holiday that is just as perfect for a couple as it is for a large family. Read More

Places in Bali
The small Indonesian Island of Bali has grown into a popular tourist destination since the first hotel opened at Kuta beach in 1930. Whether you want a relaxing beach holiday, want to try exciting sports like scuba diving and surfing, or want to enjoy fresh mountain air, you can do it in Bali.

With so much to offer visitors, new hotels and attractions are springing up all over the place. Now it caters for thousands of visitors every day, and there is so much to see and do here you’ll struggle to fit everything into a week or two.

If you don’t have too much time on your hands while in Bali, there are a few places you simply must visit while on the Island of a Thousand Temples. Try to experience as many as you can before you leave! - Read More

American Roadtrip

One of the most quintessential aspects of American culture is the classic road trip.

For decades, families have piled into an RV or automotive for a grand adventure across the nation – and for good reason! America is teeming with hundreds of trails and roadways, many of which holding a great deal of historical significance.

The next time you and your family want to take a break from the ordinary, consider taking a road trip or trail drive on one of these famous routes. Read More

Beach – Australia

If you’re looking for some of the top surfing beaches in the world, look no further than the gorgeous land down under.

Australia sports an endless number of beaches for surfers of all levels to test out their skills.

If a surfing expedition is what you’ve got in mind, you’ll find an abundance of beach-side accommodations to make your stay a comfortable one. Read More

Top 15 Best Airports In The World

 Pakhi Sen   August 29, 2013
Top 15 Best Airports In The World

We've compiled a list of the top 15 best airports in the world. Their ratings are based on a number of factors like the user-friendliness of their design as well as the number of travelers that pass through each year. Some airports have scored high marks for many consecutive years while others have made vast improvements to secure their rankings. Here they are - in numerical order.

Top 9 Most Expensive Cities To Park In The World

 Pakhi Sen   June 22, 2013
Top 9 Most Expensive Cities To Park In The World

Renting a car during their vacation is one perk that lots of travelers cannot or will not do without. However, if those travelers took the time to research parking fees associated in some of the top tourist cities in the world, they may rethink their travel plans entirely. Those fees can be quite pricey and can really dig into your travel budget. We've compiled a list of the top ten cities in the world that have the most outrageously high parking rates

9 Places in the World that Makes you Say – Oh My God

 Pakhi Sen   July 11, 2013
9 Places in the World that Makes you Say – Oh My God

The world is filled with treasures. Everywhere you go there is something that you should see. But there are some places that stand out, the places that you’ll always remember. The places that make you say, “Oh my God!”. Here are nine places across the world that will make you (well, at least me) say, “Oh my God!”

4 Tropical Islands You Need to Visit

 Pakhi Sen   June 23, 2017
4 Tropical Islands You Need to Visit

Since I blog almost exclusively from tropical paradises I have seen and lived on some of the most beautiful islands on earth. From the exotic shores of Bali to the peaceful beaches of Fiji I want to share 4 tropical...

17 Tips for Solo Female Travellers

 Smita   February 3, 2016
How To Travel
know your connections

In the today’s world many, many women travel alone. Everybody don't have fear but some people has. Traveling alone is a good thing. We get relief and calm. We have full of freedom. Nobody is there to disturb. Solo travel is one of the most independent experiences in the world - you have got no responsibilities to anyone but you have to take care of yourself. You can do whatever you want and leave what you don’t want. The big thing is that you get confidence by travelling alone.

14 Beaches to visit in December

 Smita   February 1, 2016

In winter, most of the cities are very cold. The temperature is very cool. In beaches, we go for a relief because there is very pleasant weather. Nor too cool, nor too warm. We see good adventures. There are nice scenery, cultures as well as oceans. In vacations, we go for outing. We enjoy very much in beaches. All the people want to go to some amazing places to see abroad before dying. It’s our one of the dream. There are very gorgeous places in abroad to go. I feel calm there. Everybody deserves at least one sunny escape during winter that can change our mood. We can relax there.

The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Taipei

 Pakhi Sen   December 17, 2015
Giant Office Building

Taipei is one of the world’s up and coming cities of the future. Yet at the same time it’s steeped in history. Taipei is a great place to visit and the people are very friendly and open to tourists. Better yet, it’s one of the safest cities in the entire world to visit. There you’ve got it. The ten best of Taipei. Come and visit Taipei. Rain or sun, there is always something to see, do and eat here.

Be pampered in style when you stay in a Hong Kong Boutique Hotel

 Pakhi Sen   December 12, 2013
Be pampered in style when you stay in a Hong Kong Boutique Hotel

The vibrant city of Hong Kong has just about everything from trendy entertainment spots to hip shopping outlets. And surely, no one would pass up the chance to explore its tourist destinations, and to wine and dine in some of the best local restaurants in town. People all over the world (including locals) also find refuge in several boutique hotels Hong Kong