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5 Ways to Save on Your Next European Vacation

 green01   October 2, 2012
Europe How To Travel

Taking a vacation in Europe can be terribly expensive these days, what with the high exchange rate between Euros and other forms of currency and the high cost of living in Europe. But don’t let that deter you from taking a European vacation

The Great Wall of China

 green01   October 1, 2012

A look at China’s top attractions and divine cuisine

Visit Brighton this Summer

 green01   October 1, 2012

A look at Brighton’s fringe fest bill, among over amazing things to do in Brighton over the summer

Reefs around the World

 green01   October 1, 2012

Everyone may know the Great Barrier Reef, but there are many other magnificent and vibrant reefs worth visiting around the world! Here are just a couple of examples to get you started on your diving adventures.