A Visitor’s Guide to the Kasubi Tombs

 green01   September 28, 2012
The Kasubi Tombs are located in Kampala, Uganda which is burials grounds for four kings of Buganda also known as kabakas. Kabaka is the name of the title of the Kingdom of Buganda. The traditions of the Baganda were ruled by two kings specifically the spiritual or supernatural kinds who were represented by the Royal Drums and will always exist in Baganda.

The first king of Buganda started around 1300 A.D. and so far has had 36 kings. The first king was Kato Kintu within the early fourteen century and the most current king of Buganda is Muwenda Mutebi II, beginning in 1993 to the present time. Buganda is required to have a king at all times and they will always have a king ruling the Kingdom of Buganda. Within the Buganda culture it is known that the king doesn’t die but instead gets lost within the forest.

The four Kabakas also known as Bassekabaka are buried at the Kasubi tombs are named:

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Tombs – Source

  • Mutessa 1 (1835-1884)
  • Basamula Mwanga II (1867-1903)
  • Daudi Chwa II (1869-1939)
  • Fredrick Walugembe Mutessa II (1924-1969)

The best way to get to the Kasubi Tombs is located on the Kasubi Hill which is located five kilometers or a little over 3 miles away from the Kampala city center. The Kampala city center is located along the Kapala-Hoima Road. Visitors who are coming from the Kampala city center will need to pass the University of Makerere to Nakulabye, then at the roundabout the visitor will need to turn right on the Hoima Road, and drive about 1 kilometer or less than 1 mile and turn left to go up to the Kasubi Hill. When the visitor reaches the top of the hill they will then need to make a left on Masiro Road and go into the entrance of the Kasubi Hill. Visitors will be walked to the ticket office to gain entrance into the location. In one of the adjacent rooms shares the history of the Bugandan Kingdom and former kings of Buganda.

The Kasubi Tombs are an important burial cemetery of the Buganda royalty kingdom. It is known that each prince and princess who are descendants of any of the four Kabakas are also buried within the Kasubi Tombs behind the primary shrine.

The Kasubi Tombs are highly representative of the rich culture, heritage and traditions of the Baganda people. The people there have continued to this day believe each person who has died has an interactions with the living and the dead along with a spiritual origin.

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