Be pampered in style when you stay in a Hong Kong Boutique Hotel

 Pakhi Sen   December 12, 2013

The vibrant city of Hong Kong has just about everything from trendy entertainment spots to hip shopping outlets. And surely, no one would pass up the chance to explore its tourist destinations, and to wine and dine in some of the best local restaurants in town. But other than these places of interest, people all over the world (including locals) also find refuge in several boutique hotels Hong Kong. It’s also a perfect escape when visiting the dynamic metropolis.

What are boutique inns usually composed of?

Hong Kong Boutique Hotel

Hong Kong Boutique Hotel

Boutique accommodations can be expensive and can be smaller than most hotel types, but staying in this kind of exclusive property is definitely worth it. When you stay in a boutique inn, you will be given utmost attention round the clock and your needs and concerns will always be taken into consideration, and will always be treated with great importance. Staying in such a well-appointed lodging will certainly provide you a relaxing and worry-free vacation.

A design hotel is not only recognized for being design oriented. Hotel types like these are also focused on providing their guests a very individualized service. A personal touch in every bit of the hotel can be felt and seen, which can clearly be seen from its hotel members. That’s why boutique inns will always strive to make their guests feel valued all throughout their stay.

What makes a boutique inn more appealing to people?

Given that most high-end lodgings of this type are design oriented, you can usually expect to stay in a room that is both themed and elegantly designed. Guestrooms may have a warm and thematic tone, whilst combined with some of the loveliest contemporary pieces (from paintings to furniture pieces). So if you stay in a dedicated inn, you’ll surely feel the comforts of being at home.

Of course, given that boutique inns are usually small in stature (accommodates only 25 to 150 spacious rooms), a sense of intimacy can truly be felt. Furthermore, a friendly and welcoming ambiance will surely greet the guests upon entering the small lobby, a feature that definitely distinguishes this kind of hotel.

Where to look for the best boutique lodging when in Hong Kong

There are plenty of boutique accommodations to choose from. So you can take your pick in any of the areas you like, and just start from there. If you’re looking for the perfect place that will definitely set your vacation right, then you can choose to stay in any of the V Hotels. The boutique brand offers several hotels around Hong Kong. They have two boutique inns in Wan Chai, and one in Causeway Bay. Furthermore, all three hotels can be easily accessed by several public transportations and are definitely near several dining and shopping options.

All of the V hotels are furnished with premium materials as well (from the cozy bed to the bathroom fixtures). Each living space is also provided with state-of the art devices like a cable-ready 42” Plasma TV, DVD//CD Player, Wii consoles and more. Apart from that, guests are also offered several conveniences such as a 24-hour concierge and security service, airport limousine pick-up, and daily housekeeping. They also have business centers and self-service laundry facilities that can be easily accessed by checked-in guests (amongst other offerings).

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  1. AG Foster Says:

    I visited Hong Kong in 2005 on my tour through Asia and I found it be a very interesting country. Beautiful and vibrant and very cosmopolitan. The nightlife was also quite a good time, it was very interesting walking into any bar, nightclub and restaurant and being the only black man, sometimes many took a double take, but after a while they warmed up to me and it was a good time. I have great memories of Hong Kong, it also has one of the best art museums I have been in.

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