14 Beaches to visit in December

 Smita   February 1, 2016

In winter, most of the cities are very cold. The temperature is very cool. In beaches, we go for a relief because there is very pleasant weather. Nor too cool, nor too warm. We see good adventures. There are nice scenery, cultures as well as oceans.

In vacations, we go for outing. We enjoy very much in beaches. All the people want to go to some amazing places to see abroad before dying. It’s our one of the dream. There are very gorgeous places in abroad to go. I feel calm there. Everybody deserves at least one sunny escape during winter that can change our mood. We can relax there.

Winter is the first coming month of the year so it’s time to start planning for a trip for celebrating New Year. It is 2016. In a life, we should go on beaches. It is one of the memorable moments. In the world, there are several beaches so it is difficult to choose that where we have to go. Beaches are famous for its weather and scenery. There are great rooms and all the luxury facilities we got there and also far away from the crowd of the town. Nobody is there to disturb you. Beaches are the best place to get out of your anxiety and for fresh your mood. Rather than other place, beaches are far better.

Sometimes am afraid to swim in water. It is the perfect time to go with family for holiday. Most of the people love beaches. There is a huge demand of beaches. In winter, it suits our budget also. Beaches are the best winter vacation coming of our own choice.

1.) Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach

When booking for a beach, Myrtle Beach which has a population of just over 27k attracts more than 14 Million tourists a year – simply because it has great swimming pools, shopping malls and the things people want in that place or a hotel.

It has world-class-accommodations and it is a romantic place. Myrtle beach is one of the main entire of tourism in the united states, city’s warm climate and major beaches, Bring an approximated 14 million guest each year.

2.) Curacao Beach – It is a short trip. We can go anytime. Weather is generally warm. It has a tropical climate all year long. It is located in the southern Caribbean. It is outside Africa. It is one of the cheaper places compared to the others.

With a moderate temperature of 88 degrees F, the Caribbean holiday of a lifetime stay you in beautiful Curacao. About  all Curacao beaches are separated onward the protected and calm southwestern coast, where the waters are hot and  clear cut.

3.) Canary Islands of Spain – These islands attempt a shore for each one-against families to kids or couples. They pass many of mood to analyze and quantity of water to consume in. Another belief is that the so-called dogs were actually a category of monk seal, desperately in danger and no longer present in the canary islands.

Invented by a local farmer in the late 19th century, this is one of the most important cave enhanced with geometric shapes, thought to describe lunar and solar calendars.

4.)  Tobago Cays, Grenadines – This island heaven is so natural; you can’t even affected on it. Payable to its sheltered place, you can’t halt up to it, although you can stop from islands close or rest on your ship.The Tobago Cays compose of five small unoccupied islands and huge coral reefs.

The marine park contains of 1,400- acre. On 25th November 1997, the government execute the marine parks act, and there examined a marine parks board that was to see the management and conservation of TCMP.

5.) Vivonne Bay, Australia

Vivonne Bay, Australia

Vivonne Bay, Australia

It is popular as a result of its great flood, although the bay too has slow waters for that aren’t so loud. This beach passes substance for a large variety for tourists. This beach is utmost recognized for its awesome coral walls.

In a survey of 10,000 beaches, Vivonne bay was considered as one of the best in Australia. Vivonne bay is defined by its long, sandy beach and the jetty is used by cray fisherman for take of their catch.

6.) The Caribbean – Any beach especially the Caribbean including December is the excellent time to go. Come-on draws really busy all along week ahead and later Christmas such plan appropriately to you. Its area is 2.754 million sq km and the population was 39.17 million in 2009.

The region compose of more than 700 islands, islets, reefs and cays.Water temperature differ from 31 degree c to 22 degree c all around the year. The air temperature is warm all along the year, only differ from winter to summer about 2-5 degrees.

7.) Emerald Bay at Pangkor Laut, Malaysia – It is an all-comprehensive motel on a hidden private island. Pangkor Laut resorts provides accommodation by the sea or enclosed by tropical gardens. It provides 2 outdoor pools, and a spa and 7 dining options.

All the staff was too much familiar with you. The accommodation and food were awesome and also the resort was fantastic for a lovely couple. Gym and all the other facilities are also available there. People enjoy there workout for fitness.

8.) Datai Beach, Malaysia – before you permit Malaysia, you become the part of Datai Beach. It is the only one of the perfect quiet and undetermined beaches in full of Asia. In Malaysia, the rainy season comes in the month of august and September.

Datai is an 18-hole decorative foundation of man made garden that draws on the rain forest’s natural beauty. If too much relief make you nervous, there are sports and exercise-related activities applicable in Datai resorts.

9.) Maldives



Maldives is distinguished for being a graceful, prosperous hot heaven. It is the smallest Asian country with about 90k+ square km of total area. Being small and surrounded with ocean on all sides, make this destination a perfect place for beaches.

The tourism of Maldives, thanks to its awesome beaches is the biggest contributor of Maldives national economy.

10.) Shoal Bay- Shoal bay is very famous place, especially in the month of summer.. It’s enclosed with plantation of coconut trees and sleek sand. Shoal bay is named after the various sand shoals which are shown around the area.

The population quantity of the settled portion of the countryside which is approximately 1 square km, is 1,838 sq km. It is better than several other beaches which are perfect for relaxed sunny days.

11.) Cayman Islands- The Cayman Island passes substance for each part of tourist. As the out rest, there are demonstration, collections and outing with instruction around the local aquatic activity and ecological system.

Now browsing addict, there are several huge term exclusive showroom for our inspection. For families, broad resorts attempt everything to consume accommodations to curriculum organize just for the kids.           

12.) Oman-



It is an Arab country and located in the southeastern coast and holds very important position. The Persians occupied Oman in 1737. In 1497-98, the Portuguese reached Oman and take up muscat for a 143-year period, from 1507 to 1650.

If you consider for an area to yourself, Oman is your best pledge. It prides 1,000 square of coastline, which you won’t have to contribute with anyone because very few tourists ever visit its shore. The population of Oman was 2.9 million, and the area is 309,500 sq km.

13.) Jimbaran Bay, Indonesia- Jimbaran Bay is accepted for its richness, much like the integrated country of Bali itself. It’s a motel city with everything we would assume from a motel city, in inclusion to some of the ultimate beautiful sunsets in the world.

Jimbaran Bay is said to have some of the favourable native of any beach in the world. This was already a backwater of south Bali, just a short fishing village with daily market.

Jimbaran is also familiar to gateway college, where 500 students are studying athletics. Jimbaran is only 10-15 min far from the south towards airport. A prepaid taxi costs RP 60,000-80,000 depending on exactly where you are.

14.) Jamaica-



Pick a beach… any beach in Jamaica and December is a right time to go. Jamaica is a famous tourist place, draw the  year curved because of its well-off antiquity, absorbing crowd and bright practice.

The beaches absolutely are equitable dressing. The island, in which the area is 10,990 sq km, lies abuot 145 kms, south of cuba and 191 kms west. It is the fifth-largest country in the Caribbean.

Conclusion: – Beaches are popular for its climate, beautiful nature and pleasant humidity. There are sand, ocean and plenty of waters that fulfil our life. That gives us good effect. We feel relief there. We are pleased with our choice. We can see a nice view from the balcony of hotel. There are several well furnished restaurants. There’s culture are very good, they know how to make you feel at home by offering you tea, coffee, lunch, dinner, etc. Only one bad thing is UV rays affect so much. I will recommend most of the people to go for outing at beach. That’s all!

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