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Colorful Birmingham

 Pakhi Sen   December 10, 2013

The colorful world of Birmingham takes to the time of industrial revolution which gives rise to a number of traders in the city.

Travelling to Birmingham is an exciting one especially when you do it in style

Amazing Buildings

 green01   November 20, 2012

a list of most amazing buildings in the world, man made structures that seems so un-natural but amazingly beautiful at the same time. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the watcher…

Top 5 Safari Animals Outside of the Big 5

 green01   November 3, 2012

Some of the other interesting animals to see in Africa other than the “Big 5” would look great with a couple pictures of these animals.

Top 10 Spots for Wintersports Throughout the Year

 green01   September 30, 2012

Regardless of the time or season, here are ten places where you can enjoy your favorite winter sport all year round.