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5 Essential African Holiday Locations

 green01   October 7, 2012

There is so much to do in Africa over a wide range of different countries. Here are 5 countries you should visit and a few reasons why

Namibia – Africa Uncovered

 green01   October 3, 2012

Namibia is a land intrigue, of rugged beauty and surprising diversity, for the ultimate alternative African safari experience Namibia awaits you

Five Things Not to do in Cape Town

 green01   September 30, 2012

We have seen tons of things to do in Cape Town articles but this time we are showing you what not to do in the mother city.

A Visitor’s Guide to the Kasubi Tombs

 green01   September 28, 2012

The Kasubi Tombs are located in Kampala, Uganda which is burials grounds for four kings of Buganda also known as kabakas. Kabaka is the name of the title of the Kingdom of Buganda