Colorful Birmingham

 Pakhi Sen   December 10, 2013

The colorful world of Birmingham takes to the time of industrial revolution which gives rise to a number of traders in the city. The city today offers a modern appeal with connection to its industrial heritage. The recent changes of the city give emphasis to pedestrians as streets are converted to walkways offering a beautiful glance of the city center.

The notable buildings and companies in Birmingham are interesting to see and visit like the Cadbury chocolate, the spitfire, and the mini cars while notable people giving insights or inspirations on their masterpieces. Travelling to Birmingham is an exciting one especially when you do it in style with a charter jet.

A Hobbit Tour

Hobbit Tour

Hobbit Tour

The Hobbit tour of Birmingham is trail on the life and inspiration of writer JRR Tolkien. The trail begins with Tolkien’s life and that of his family. Then the trail continues to the locations deemed as the two towers of Gondor from the Lord of Rings; the Perrotts Folly and Edgbaston Waterworks Tower. The scene around Sarehole mill is the sight and home of the hobbits which was best described by Tolkien as the last primeval wild woods.

The hobbit tour is an exciting journey for avid fans of the novel and movie as one can feel and be mesmerized of the fictional world in a real setting. The epic conquest of the real equivalent of the novel and movie is a worthwhile experience.

Fascinating Tour

Many of the city’s interesting and colorful contribution to society are best seen in its industrial roots with companies like Cadbury Chocolate, the Spitfire, and the Mini cars. The Cadbury is a confectionary company from Birmingham which is one of the recognizable brands in the world. The tour around Cadbury is a magical journey with workshops of chocolate making, rides, and the tour in the processing of chocolate products.

The tour around the Super Marine factory, makers of the legendary spitfire aircraft offers a company background of the list of aircrafts the company built that can be seen in the Think Tank Birmingham Science Museum. The beautiful representation of factories in the city signifies that the industrial heritage is still in effect.

Beautiful Buildings

Birmingham has diverse communities that bring a unique culture and religion along with them. In the city many sites and buildings can be seen that represent many types of religion. The Cathedral of Saint Philips or Birmingham Cathedral is a beautifully built baroque architectural style which is beautiful both for the outer and inner parts of the building. Other Catholic churches include the minor basilica of St. Chad and St. Paul’s church offering concerts and organ recitals that are good to hear.

Other religious buildings can be found in the city just like the Islamic Birmingham Central Mosque which is always full and very busy during special events. The Singers Hill Synagogu catering to the Jews community is another good place to see. Hindu practices could also be seen in the city with the presence of Tividale Tirupathy Balaji Temple. And also seen in the city is a symbol of passion and peace in the Birmingham Peace Pagoda.

Shining Parks and Gardens

The Drayton Manor Theme Park is one amusing park with more than 35 rides along with a 15 acre zoo to cater to fun activities for the whole family. The Grand Prix Karting provides a wonderful activity of speed racing. While the Speedway offers a unique opportunity to catch professional racing every Wednesday. The Ackers is a good place to perform outdoor activities such as kayaking, archery, rock climbing, and a whole lot more for some sweating physical activities.

The Winterbourne Botanic Garden offers a natural attraction of plants and flowers that is fascinating to see along with the revitalizing and relaxing energy it brings.

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