Five Great Ski Resorts for Families

 green01   October 9, 2012

Skiing can be great fun for all the family and will often be one of the best holidays that you will ever have in terms of fun, frolic and priceless family time together. There are so many ski resorts out there to choose from but it is often difficult to pin point which ones will be better for younger members of the party. There are however, some great places to go where all the family, regardless of age and ability, can have a great time.

Val Gardena Italy

Val Gardena Italy – Source

Val Gardena in Italy is the perfect place for members of the family to ski together and be made to feel like the resort was designed for them. Italy is well known for its sunshine, food and historic charm, however this is a side of Italy that should also be acknowledged for its brilliance at providing a great place for all the family to enjoy. If you want your children to be part of your skiing experience and want to give them a trip of a lifetime, this is a great place for them to go.

Finland Yllas

Finland Yllas – Source

Finland is one of the first countries that people think of when asked about skiing holidays. It is a great place for the sport and has a mass of slopes across the country for all abilities but for the young ones there’s no better place than Yllas. Some of the slopes are made with them in mind and if that wasn’t enough, nearby there is the chance for reindeer sledding and getting close to everything magical about Christmas and the Winter season. For a truly magical experience, the holiday could also be topped off by seeing a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights, which really is a once in a lifetime experience. For an old round skiing holiday that is action packed and full of magic and warmth, there is no better resort or country.

Big White Canada

Big White Canada – Source

Big White, Canada, is also a great resort for the young ones to try out skiing. The resort was purpose built with families in mind and provides a safe haven for the kids to really get their teeth into the sport. Canada is a beautiful country and is home to some of the most passionate skiers in the world. Children and adults alike will love every minute here.

Flaine France

Flaine France – Source

Flaine in France not only gives families the chance to enjoy their skiing holiday together but also provides a fabulous all-round holiday experience. The resort is relatively small but this is perfect for families with youngsters who want to keep them in their sight at all times. There is also a pool, ice rink, bowling lanes, a cinema and a climbing wall which means this isn’t just a skiing holiday it could potentially be one of the greatest times away you will ever have.

Copper in Colorado

Copper in Colorado – Source

Copper in Colorado is not only ideal for young ones with the purposely designed little slopes and activities but it is also great for other family members that have either never tried skiing or are a little anxious. There are many slopes that range from the beginner, intermediate and the more advanced which means that everyone, regardless of ability, can take part and have the time of their life.

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