Five Things Not to do in Cape Town

 green01   September 30, 2012

Everyone who’s ever planned on experiencing Cape Town accommodation will search for, and read through, detailed plagiarized lists about the many things they could expect to do there. While there are certainly lots of great things to do, there are also one or two activities which would best be avoided, and it’s about time someone wrote that, very serious, list.

1: Drive through impoverished areas in an open top convertible – This may be true of any city really, but in Cape Town it takes on a somewhat more desperate air. Arriving in style in R1 million sports car and your own limbs wildly kitted out in bling is bad. Scientists (who live in my mind) have established that such erroneous actions will negatively impact your life expectancy by 67.3 percent – and diminish your splurge money.

2: Climb Table Mountain freestyle – It may not be the most intimidating mountain on earth but it’s still a mountain and climbing it without any gear may sound fun, but will more than likely end up with you free falling and making nasal whistles similar to those of a lama in distress. On the up-side, you’ll have a magnificent tourist view of the area while you plummet to your doom.


Cape Town

Cape Town – Source

3: Flip off the president – In many democratic nations, this is a time honoured tradition and politicians generally take it with good grace, after all – everyone’s watching. In 2008 Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien received a pie, of unknown flavour, in the face. Mounties professionally ushered the pie flinger away. In contrast, last year a UCT student flipped the bird at President Zuma’s convey and was swiftly manhandled into a police car, had a bag placed over his head and was interrogated as to his political beliefs for 23 hours as state agents ransacked his home.

4: Swim around Seal Island in a seal suit – Seals are kind of cute and visiting Seal Island can be a lot of fun, but what’s intended is generally that one does this while aboard a harbor faring vessel intent on a tour with some comic relief. Should one at any point attempt to get more directly into the action by joining the local inhabitants it could spell trouble – especially if your outfit is so convincing that sharks buy it.

5: Don’t pick flowers at the botanical garden – Cape Town is a beautifully floral city and nowhere more so than at the local Botanical Gardens. Picking flowers and making an amateur bouquet for your special lady is a great idea but doing so at this location might not be – as security guards will most likely tackle you into an oak tree, leading to a lose of manly points and some painful splinters. Keep your distance from these and similarly mindless enterprises though and you’re bound to find dozens of amazing activities around your Cape Town accommodation choice.

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