6 Good Reasons to Visit Braga – Portugal

 green01   October 8, 2012

If you’ve been planning to spend some time in Portugal, you are probably considering visiting the capital Lisbon or the northern hub of oPorto. While those are indeed some recommendable options, they are not necessarily the best. If you’re traveling on a budget, you may want to rather set sights on Braga: the third largest Portuguese city, located just 35 miles north of oPorto.

There are plenty of good reasons why Braga may be the perfect place for you to start exploring Portugal. This article will focus on some of the most interesting highlights in this quiet little city that’s actually full of surprises.

Reasons to Visit Braga – Portugal

Braga – Portugal

Braga – Portugal – Source

Religious Tourism – Braga is a place of strong religious traditions, especially with the Catholic Church. It’s not by accident it’s often referred to as the “city of archbishops”! There are lots of ancient churches here, an historic cathedral, and a huge focus on religious celebrations all around the year. Especially during the Easter season, when the city hall organizes religious processions and re-enactments of the Passion of the Christ that draw in legions of tourists, both from national and international backgrounds.

Historical Monuments – Asides from the aforementioned Braga Se Cathedral, there are two notable historical monuments of religious significance… The Sameiro and Bom Jesus Sanctuaries; located in the surrounding hills, these monumental icons can be seen from anywhere in the city. The historical center is also full of interesting monuments, especially places of worship and with religious connotation.

Archaeological Landmarks – During your visit, you may be surprised to find out that Braga is actually one of the oldest cities in the country, dating back as far as 2 thousand years! As such, there are many sites of archaeological significance, which you will surely find interesting. There are several buildings in the city center (including the train station) which have actually been carefully built over archeological sites from ancient Roman times, which have thus been preserved under a glass floor for everyone to see.

Gastronomy – No matter which Portuguese city you choose visiting, there’s always a vast offering available in terms of local cuisine… and Braga is no exception. You should try local delicacies such as “Papas de Sarrabulho” and “Pudim Toucinho do Ceu”. Also, the Minho region (of which Braga is the capital) is the only in the world that produces “green wine”, a bubbly and strong brew that’s quite refreshing in the Summer, and does not fail to consistently delight visitors.

Low Cost – While Portugal isn’t exactly one of the most expensive countries in Europe, it can be a somewhat costly place for vacationing, especially if you focus on the main touristic hubs. By direct contrast, you can spend good times in smaller cities such as Braga without need for spending much. Great choice for budget travelers!

Good location – If you choose Braga as a your base for vacationing in Portugal, you’ll be at a 30 minutes’ drive from larger towns such as oPorto, as well as several picturesque smaller towns such as Guimaraes and Barcelos. You’ll also be 25 miles away from the closest beach, so it goes without saying this city is very well located if you plan to explore all the points of interest available in the North of Portugal.

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