3 Most Secret and Spectacular Beaches in the UK

 green01   October 8, 2012

The summer season is nearly upon us and we are all craving a little of the sun, sea, sand experience and that much needed relaxation time. Lazy days on the beach are a big part of people’s holiday and finding one that is rich in beauty as well as relatively unknown can be extremely difficult. Everyone knows the stereotypical beaches that are crammed full of sunbathers and the difficulty people have in relaxing because of the sheer amount of people and the mass parasols. Unbeknown to many however, there are beaches out there that are eternally beautiful and are still relatively unknown in terms of mass numbers of people flocking day in day out. Let’s be honest, there are very few beaches that have been kept a secret from mass tourism but don’t fear, there are still some hidden gems that can provide a secluded getaway when you most need it.

Island of Mull

Island of Mull – Source

The first in the list is probably one that people will question because of its location being in Scotland. But Calgary Bay, Island of Mull is one of the most picturesque and awe inspiring beaches that you will ever come across. Everyone knows that Scotland isn’t renowned for stunning summer weather and red hot temperatures but what you miss out on in terms of a Mediterranean climate you get in natural beauty and serene peace. In all fairness Calgary Bay is a natural wonder but many of Scotland’s beaches have the same kind of impact. Scotland has uncrowded, unspoilt beaches and has the most stunning backdrop with a mountainous landscape and mile after mile of open countryside and a bucketful of fresh air. At Calgary Bay you are not guaranteed a blistering hot day by the sea but what you are guaranteed is a stroll on one of the most natural wonders in the British Isles as well as the opportunity to be close to wildlife and crystal clear waters.

Mwnt beach at Cardigan Bay in Wales

Mwnt beach at Cardigan Bay in Wales – Source

Coves are the best way to hide from the world and feel like you are stranded on a desert island. With only magnificent coves and the odd boat passing by as your distraction, Mwnt beach at Cardigan Bay in Wales is the perfect haven and looks like a film location in the making. Its secluded and horseshoe-shaped cove is a real pull for people who want to experience what it would be like to be stranded on a desert island. Peace, quiet and beauty are in abundance here.

Lulworth Cove in Dorset

Lulworth Cove in Dorset – Source

Lulworth Cove in Dorset is a cove that has been carved out of the cliffs by the power of the sea. It is a shingle beach, which will put many people off, but what it does offer in terms of shelter, peace and quiet and a naturally stunning backdrop is perfect for people that want to experience nature and beauty at its best.

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