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 green01   September 23, 2012

On most regular roads in North America, you can’t drive faster than twenty five or thirty five miles per hour, depending on whether the area is a residential or business area. On highways, the speed limit tends to rise to anywhere between fifty five and sixty five miles per hour. With such restrictive speed limits, cops on every corner and cameras at numerous intersections, what’s a person to do when they feel the need for speed? Luckily, there are several places around the world where you can get away with driving fast – here are just a few of them.

There are several highways in the United States where the speed limit goes up to 80 miles per hour. Usually these highways are rather desolate ones. If you are driving through West Texas or from Los Angeles to Denver, you will come across these highways. In rural Montana, the speed limit is also set to 80 miles per hour. In Italy, when you are driving along the Italian Autostrade, the typical speed is around 80 miles per hour, but there are some sections of the motorway where the speed limit goes up to 95 miles per hour. In much of Eastern Europe, such as Poland, Slovenia and Romania, average speed limits on highways are around 80 miles per hour. There’s also the Austrian Autobahn, where the average speed limit is around 80 miles per hour.

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However, if 80 miles per hour isn’t good enough for you, there are some areas in Nepal and the Isle of Man where there is no posted speed limit, which means you can drive as fast as your heart desires. There’s also the German Autobahn, one of the most famous fast places to drive in the world. Many people incorrectly think that there is no speed limit whatsoever on the German Autobahn, but this is not true. Many areas of the Autobahn have posted speed limits, and in areas where there are no signs, it is recommended that you drive at no more than 80 miles per hour. However, that is truly a recommendation – you will not get pulled over for driving over that speed limit. If you are involved in an accident at extremely high speeds though, then your speed may count against you for insurance purposes. Around half of the entire Autobahn has no posted speed limit, around one third has a permanent speed limit and the rest of the Autobahn has temporary speed limits. Good luck trying to hit over 80 miles per hour on the German Autobahn though – in some areas there is so much traffic that there’s no need for a posted speed limit – you simply cannot drive that fast.

If you’re ready to hit the road, know that there’s only so fast you can go. Many regular cars today can easily reach speeds over 140 miles per hour, although most car manufacturers electronically cut off the maximum speed of a car at 155 miles per hour. If you hack into your car and remove these restrictions, it is possible to hit 190 miles per hour.

Written by guest blogger Trevor Stuart. This article was provided by the automobile insurance website Complete Insurance.

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