5 Reasons to Stay in the UK This Summer

 green01   October 3, 2012

Every year UK residents by the thousands pack up and head off to a foreign destination for their holidays. In fact, statistics show that Brits are among the worlds most well-traveled when it comes to annual holidays. Many think that’s primarily due to the region’s unpredictable weather and the desire for sun and warm temperatures.

But the number of Brits traveling abroad has been falling in recent years for several different reasons. Some of the UK’s favorite destinations are down as much as 10% to 20%. But what’s bad for them turns out to be good for the UK. So if you’ve not yet decided whether to travel abroad this year, consider the following.

Five reasons to stay in the UK this summer.


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Less Expensive – Let’s face it; the depressed economy of the last several years has most of us strapped financially. While many believe it’s worth spending a lot of money on holidays because it’s only a “once a year thing”, if personal debt continues to pile up is it truly worth it? With everything in the travel industry going up including airfare, hotels, and so on, it’s a lot less expensive to stay home and take day trips from your own city. Or choose a destination within the UK where you can spend the week.

Safety Concerns – With all of the political unrest around the world it’s becoming more and more dangerous to travel abroad. While many European and North American destinations still remain safe, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, and eastern European destinations need careful consideration before booking travel plans. If you stay home in the UK, you will be safe no matter what part of the country you decide to visit.

Help the UK Economy – By staying home for your 2011 summer holidays you’ll be supporting both the local and national economies. Even if you don’t spend as much money in the UK as you would abroad, every little bit helps to keep businesses open, people employed, and the UK economy churning. Why not help your fellow countrymen by spending your money here at home this year rather than sending it elsewhere?

Build Family Relationships – One of the greatest advantages to a domestic holiday is the ability to include extended family members who may have been unwilling or unable to go abroad. Furthermore, few things are better for building strong family bonds than spending the holidays together. And you’ll create memories for your children and grandchildren that will last a lifetime.

Discover Your Own Backyard – The UK has so much to offer in terms of its rich history, natural environment, varying climates, and cultural and entertainment experiences, that even those in their senior years can’t claim to have seen it all. Spending your 2011 holidays at home gives you the opportunity to discover all there is in your own backyard. There are cities to visit, country lanes to drive down, and beaches to experience; all right here at home.

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