4 Reasons to Visit Prague – Czech Republic

 green01   October 2, 2012

The capital of the Czech Republic has a long and vibrant history, the city itself being well preserved and modern, all at the same time. Prague finds a balance between modern day convenience and attractions, while still offering beautiful architecture, castles, and winding cobblestone streets. It is growing in popularity amongst tourists of all kinds, and for various reasons. Here are just five reasons you should consider visiting this charming and unique capital city.

1) Intricate public transportation system – whether you’re traveling alone, or with your family, getting around Prague is fast and easy. With so many options available all day, there’s no reason to sit in traffic in a car. Prague features a sprawling underground metro system, with three separate lines and a frequent time table. There is also the bus system, which also offer schedules that run through out the night into the early morning. In addition to this, you can also hop on the tram, which runs right through the historic city center, and will take you to all of Prague’s most popular attractions, including up the hill to Prague Castle and Cathedral. Although cabs and taxis can be cheap, they are far less convenient than using the capable public transportation system this city offers.

2) The beer – it is true that the beer in the Czech Republic is cheaper than water, and not to mention some of the best in the world. The famous Budweiser beer originally came from a city in Southern Bohemia, but you’ll find it under the name Budweiser Budvar in the Czech Republic, which is considered the original. Breweries can be found through out the country, all offering unique and distinct blends from special dark, to half light, half dark brews. This fact is also the reason why so many stag and hen parties from to Prague: cheap beer, plenty of bars and social hot spots.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle – Source

3) Prague Castle – easily the most iconic, and most popular tourist attraction in the country, this structure is famous for many reasons. It holds a place in the book of World Records for being the largest castle complex in the world, constructed of various churches, official buildings, and gardens. This sight is a destination all it’s own, with winding paths that lead to stunning city and river views, and is pristine in it’s preservation. Like all of Prague, it has a unique charm that takes you back in time. From here you can see the rooftops of Prague, the Vltava river, and the picturesque Charles Bridge.

4) Your budget – a simple reason, but one that everyone can appreciate. The Czech Republic uses the Czech Crown, which has a great conversion rate for many currencies. You’ll find your money goes a long way here, whether it’s at a restaurant, shopping, or even your accommodation. Flights into Prague are also particularly affordable, as the airport welcomes many budget airliners which fly in from all over Europe. This also makes it a great entry point for those continuing on to other areas of Europe, with Austria, Germany, and Poland at it’s borders.

This guest post was written by Jan Zachar from Mega.co.uk. Jan is a Czech national who has been living and studying in New York for the last 4 years. Check out their site for low cost holidays if you’d like to check out what Prague has to offer.

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