Reefs around the World

 green01   October 1, 2012

Everyone may know the Great Barrier Reef, but there are many other magnificent and vibrant reefs worth visiting around the world! Here are just a couple of examples to get you started on your diving adventures.

The second largest barrier reef system on Earth can be found in Belize, in Central America. Not only is it huge, but there are also three beautiful atolls; islands of coral that enclose lagoons. These are something of a rarity in the Caribbean Sea. Head beneath the surface and you’ll find an incredible diversity of life- with over three hundred fish species alone, trying to spot any two of the same is almost more of a challenge! Even the coral itself is dynamic and vivacious, with a range of colours to give any rainbow a run for its money, and every shape and size imaginable. Add to this some of the bluest, clearest waters that can be found, and it’s no wonder that Belize’s Barrier Reef is a hotspot for divers!


Providenciales – Source

Another great location for reefs in the Caribbean are the islands within Turks and Caicos, in particular Providenciales. One of the best things about where these reefs are situated is that, as these islands have remained relatively undiscovered by tourists over the years, there has been little interference or destruction caused by divers. This means that the reefs are healthy, diverse and as untouched as you can get! They’re extensive, too; 200 miles long, to be precise. Visibility in these waters is excellent, so you can get the best view of all of the wonders the reefs have to offer. And as the reefs are located tantalizingly close to the islands themselves, it’s not far to go to encounter such astounding natural beauty. Residents of the islands have been taking advantage of the marvels on their doorsteps, and so Turks and Caicos luxury resorts, following the trend of the many luxury Caribbean villas in the area, can easily be found if you want to take a diving holiday in style.

Finally, we head to Fiji, known as the soft coral capital of the world. And no wonder! Divers in Fiji tend to head to the Namena Marine Reserve, due to its diversity not only in terms of flora and fauna, but also in its landscape- the coastlines nearby are swathed in mangrove forests and the reefs themselves can be found at a variety of depths, supporting all of the creatures that inhabit it. If you’re a lover of marine mammals, this is certainly the place to go! It’s easy to find delightful animals such as many types of dolphins and whales in June through to August, adding another dimension to what would already be the trip of a lifetime. Plus, as the area is a Reserve, it’s protected and this means that such a beautiful reef, with all of its residents, is sustainable.

These are just three examples of the many reefs that you can discover and explore around the world, so if you’re interested in taking a diving holiday for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned diver wanting to find somewhere new and original to go, then the above are certainly worth a visit!

About the guest blogger – Residents of the Turks and Caicos luxury resorts have been taking advantage of the marvels on their doorsteps following the trend of the many luxury Caribbean villas in the area, can easily be found if you want to take a diving holiday in style.

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