Tips on Planning an Around the World Trip

 green01   October 2, 2012

A trip around the world used to be a lot more in fashion in the past and now it has fallen into obscurity. Back when it was famous, it was mostly performed by people with a lot of money, so it’s no wonder that people don’t do it now. But there are still people doing it and, surprisingly, travel agencies exclusively devoted to this kind of traveling.

Usually it works more or less like this. You go to the travel agency and tell them when you would like to travel, when you would like to come back and what your travel budget is. You will, naturally, also include a list of places you would really like to visit. This will all be taken into account when preparing your itinerary. Usually the main rule of this is that you have to end the journey in the same place where you started it, so this can’t be used as a cheap way to have multiple stops between one destination and another.

Given that this information is all that the travel agent has to work with you can understand why these travel agencies are rare and why the people working there have to be extremely competent. We’ve gone to travel agencies that have an airline search engine and simply look for cheap flights there – the same way we could do at home. These people can’t just do this: they have to book flights the old fashioned way – by calling airline companies and other travel agencies and trying to figure out the best itinerary at the cheapest price.



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If you’re really serious about trying your hand at something like this, there are a few recommendations we can give you to make sure the trips runs smoother. First of all, curb your notion of “around the world” into something a bit more manageable. Unless you plan on spending the better part of a year traveling, jumping around between continents will make you feel like you spend more time on a plane and recovering from jet-lag than visiting what you want to see. Limit yourself to a couple of continents, or maybe even one and get to know it in depth.

Another good piece of advice: travel with a group. It’s safer and it’s cheaper. When it’s time for the travel agent to book the tickets it will be easier to find deals if they are bought in bulk. We’re not talking a group of 50 people, but 6 or 8 would do the trick. It will also be cheaper to book accommodation. If you’re a big group you can take up an entire room at a hostel and have a lot more privacy. It’s also safer because of safety in numbers and because everyone can watch out for everyone else and help out in case something happens.

All in all, this is a wonderful experience and, truth be said, there’s no way you can plan for everything that might go wrong or to predict every incredible experience that you’ll have in a trip like this.

This guest post was contributed by Sara Woods from Sara is the head travel writer and works out of the Czech Republic where she organizes Low cost holiday discount codes for her visitors.

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