Tips on Quality Driving Holiday Destinations

 green01   October 2, 2012

Driving holidays have always been popular. The thought of hitting the open road and taking in some of the world’s finest scenery with the wind whizzing through your hair and the sound of the engine roaring through mountains can never be beaten.  A driving holiday is something that everyone must do to get a true feel of what exploration of a country really is. Driving is the best way to see everything that countries have to offer. It’s also a real bonus to be able to do it at your own speed too and with such beautiful drives out there you’ll certainly need the time to stop and take a few snaps. There are so many drives to try before you die but below are three of the ones that you must do tomorrow!


Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast – Source

The ultimate, and it will come as no surprise, is the Amalfi Coast drive in Italy. This experience is perfect for people that love driving just as much as seeing the spectacular scenery that Italy has to offer. It’s a real gem in the crown of Italy and has truly great and varied landscapes to be enjoyed on every turn, rich history and perfect cuisine but this driving experience makes them all seem rather mediocre. This drive is truly breathtaking and is a real taste of Italy and the Italian dream. Beauty, splendor and out of this world views are a plenty with this drive – and if you can afford to take the drive in a Ferrari your driving experience will likely be as close to perfection as you will ever get.

Another beautiful drive that takes in some fine scenery is the road to the Isles in Scotland. Scotland is a great place to experience the open road and the fresh air that comes with it. The road from Fort William to Mallaig passes through some of Scotland’s finest countryside and gives a real impression of what living in the country and being far away from anywhere must really be like. Scotland is a great country for scenic routes and for drivers the roads are in great condition so you can fully enjoy the experience.


Roads in the French Mountains

Roads in the French Mountains – Source

France is also a great country to go for a road trip. The country is home to some of the world’s finest scenery and is a great place to see some seriously diverse landscapes. Whatever you want, whether it be mountains, coastal backdrops or mile after mile of countryside, France has it covered. The Riviera is a massive hit as is the beautiful cities and funnily enough, the wine routes tend to attract a lot of people too.

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