Top 15 Cities with the Best Night Life in the World

 Pakhi Sen   July 3, 2013

If you are someone who only starts to come alive after it’s dark, you need to find cities that have a lively nightlife to match your tastes! With so many cities out there around the world that close up shop when it hits six o’clock, you need to make sure that your travel is focused on places with an amazing nightlife, whether you get six hours of great clubs and music or people are known to party until dawn!

Check out these show-stoppers when you want to head out for a fantastic evening.


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New York, United States

New York figures in the vast majority of movies about a big city, and it has earned its place as one of the biggest cultural capitals in the United States, if not the world. You can enjoy amazingly complex food and stylish bars in Manhattan, and then when you want something a little more eclectic, there are dozens of places to go in Brooklyn.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is known for its live music scene and its summer festivals, but if you want nightlife, this city has you covered. It has a great dance scene that takes pride in new and interesting music.

Bangkok, Thailand

Forget about what you know about Thailand from the old movies. Bangkok is a city with a cosmopolitan bar scene with excellent dance clubs and rooftop bars and clubs with a beautiful view of the city. Make sure that you visit the Rachathewi neighborhood for some of the best rock bars in Asia when you are seeing this historic tropical city.

Barcelona, Spain

As long as you make sure that you skip the more touristy parts of the town, you will discover that Barcelona’s bar and club scene gets started at 1 in the morning and really doesn’t wind down until close to dawn.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you are looking for amazing Latin music, delicious food and free-flowing drinks, you can’t do better than Buenos Aires. This city only really gets going at 2 in the morning, so make sure that you are well rested.

Rio do Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil’s capital is known for its dedication to the annual Carnival, but for those who know, Rio de Janeiro feels a bit like a party every night. This is a great place for dancing and drinking, and you can do either until the sky lightens up!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has a bit of something for everyone. You can enjoy an elegant wine bar, a grungy music club, a wild dance club or a neighborhood bar nearly anywhere you go in this city.

Miami, United States

In the tropical heat, a lot of people don’t get up before dusk anyway, and Miami is just one place where you can be sure to find a party. All night sea-food bars and small tropical clubs are perfect when you want to get out of the heat.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is known for its modern brilliance and its architectural splendor, but you will discover that it has a fairly lively nightlife to offer as well. This is a great city when you want to get to know the world’s alcohol, and you can find beautiful one of a kind bars and pubs along with some of the world’s best wine bars.

London, Great Britain

London is one of the best places in the world for nightlife, and it’s not just confined to the weekend either. See live shows, go to great clubs and sip at fantastic bars nearly any night of the week.

Byron Bay, Australia

You’ll find that if you are looking for a place with some low key nightlife that none the less can give you experiences that you will never forget, you need to check out Byron Bay. Located in New South Wales in Australia, this sea-side city is known for its beautiful scenery, its bright music scene, and its laid back attitude. This is a city that lets you go scuba diving and snorkeling during the day, and after a brief nap, you’ll find that you are in a perfect place to do some dancing and some drinking at night.

Moscow, Russia

When you are looking for a rather exclusive nightlife scene, make sure that you spend some time exploring Moscow. Dress your best and be ready to tip the doorman, but this ancient city has some wonderfully modern dance clubs and live shows.

Amsterdam, Holland

This city is known for its Red Light District, but also be sure to check out the great beer bars, the fantastic city pubs and great dance spots.

Las Vegas, United States

With so much of its cash made through gambling and entertainment, this city in the middle of the desert is known for it”s non-stop partying. You can hit bars, casinos and all night restaurants without ever leaving the strip.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has some of the best beer around, and if you want something a little more laid back and a little less intense, this city is your port of call. There are plenty of pubs and restaurants that will serve you all night!

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