Top 10 Destinations for Senior Travelers

 green01   October 8, 2012

As you get older, travel remains a dear desire but you start becoming aware of limitations. You may have limitations in terms of health, stamina and endurance for long journeys. Perhaps backpacking, trekking and sleeping in rough lodgings are not for you anymore. Here are the top 10 destinations for senior travelers, places to which you can enjoy your travel, while appreciating the comforts that are as close to home as possible.

Europe – Europe is a history buff’s dream come true. Many senior travelers love traveling to Europe from different places to observe changes since their youth and to enjoy its cultural ambiance. The European countries listed here all have many tours and cruises designed for the senior traveler.

1. France


French – Source

France is considered the top travel destination in the world. This is because each region within France is imbued with its own distinctive flavor, character, cuisine and, obviously, heritage. French wines are a connoisseur’s delight and many travelers plan only wine tours during their travel. France does not lack beauty either; beautiful soaring churches, the magnificent Alps, historic castles, lakes, and waterfalls and so on beckon the eye.

2. Italy


Colosseum Italy

Colosseum Italy – Source

Italy is home to beautiful castles, winding cobbled streets, uniquely varied culture, great art, jewelry and fabulous food. Importantly, Italy is a great place for senior travelers, due to affordable cost of meals, lodgings and reasonably good public transport. Rome, the seat of Catholic power, is a sure-fire magnet for all kinds of travelers, senior or otherwise. The massive Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square with Bernini’s famous columned porticoes and other delights tempt many senior travelers every year.

3. Switzerland


Swiss Mountains

Swiss Mountains – Source

Switzerland allows you to enjoy a style of vacationing where you can immerse yourself in local living. If you take a tour package to Switzerland, you’ll likely get a 15 day pass that allows for unlimited travel via a network of buses, gondolas, public trains, boats and funiculars. You can even arrange to have your bags delivered to your hotel or train station. Switzerland is a senior traveler’s paradise for the sheer affordability of travel. With its mountains, lakes, pristine snowy ranges and breathtaking views, best not to give Switzerland a miss.

4. Spain


Spain – Source

Spain is another traveler’s dream, affordable, easy and casual. Spain boasts of many beautiful churches, mystic panoramic views and beautiful haciendas. Spain, like Italy, has a uniquely diverse culture the further interior you go. Dialects change and people’s mannerisms and unique cultural aspects differ. If you feel up to it, there’s always a bullfight or two around the corner. The Spanish passion for life, love, music, dance and food is well known. What’s probably not as well known is that Spain has many friendly ‘over 55′ tours designed especially for senior travelers.

5. United Kingdom


Seaford town

Seaford town – Source

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – these beautiful countries with distinct cultures, heritage, cuisine and art form the United Kingdom. Countries within the UK welcome senior travelers. In London, seniors can obtain the Oyster Card, a prepaid travel card to pay for transport, which saves a great deal of money. The entire United Kingdom has many great senior-friendly tourist attractions that are free. If equipped with the proper travel insurance and the correct senior-friendly travel information, seniors can tour the United Kingdom without breaking the bank.

United States – The United States offers good travel deals for senior travelers. However, certain specific destinations offer affordable and unique senior-traveler friendly deals.

6. Las Vegas


Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Source

If you are a senior traveler and if you are on a budget, then Las Vegas is a great travel destination for you. There’s a good reason for this; hotel rates and meals can be had at a bargain here if you’re a senior traveler. You don’t need to engage in much physical activity in Las Vegas; it’s all about watching people, enjoying casino games and taking in colorful, elaborate shows.

7. Washington DC


Washington DC

Washington DC – Source

As far as budget vacation destinations go, Washington DC is a great one for senior travelers. You can enjoy most of the famous Washington DC monuments like the Capitol Building and many of the top museums for free. Apart from that, you’ll find it easy to use the uncomplicated public transportation service, with its helpful guidelines and administration. You’ll also find reasonably priced restaurants offering good food while being easy on the pocket.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans

New Orleans – Source

New Orleans, with its French heritage, multiple languages and charming cultural variances is definitely a favorite vacation destination for senior travelers. Seniors interested in history will love visiting the French Quarter and checking out the National World War II museum. People-watching is a favorite pastime of travelers to New Orleans due to the unique French-American culture of this charming city.

Australia – The country of Australia holds endless fascination for travelers. Australia is visitor-friendly and especially, senior traveler friendly, with free transport, all day free passes to tourist attractions, very reasonable accommodations, easy booking of facilities and very friendly people.

9. Adelaide


Botanical Gardens – Adelaide

Botanical Gardens – Adelaide – Source

Seniors planning a wine-tasting trip to Adelaide will find themselves taking in all of this vibrant city’s other delights as well. Tram rides are free in Adelaide, and travelers can hop on and off to visit different attractions. The Botanical Gardens, the Adelaide Museum and spots are free to enjoy. Travelers love to walk on paths along the captivating Torrens River and admire the Riverside Promenade.

10. Melbourne


Melbourne – Source

Melbourne is another place that senior travelers will enjoy owing to its several free attractions and the fact that a great deal of Melbourne can be enjoyed on foot. Melbourne has some of Australia’s finest restaurants, pubs, cafes, and boutiques, interspersed between historic arcades and laneways. Senior travelers will greatly enjoy walking around on the quaint streets that are lined with colorful art shops, boutiques and cafes. Melbourne is a unique city; it’s a smorgasbord of a culture that’s cultivated and conservative, while being cosmopolitan and suburban at the same time. Melbourne presents fantastic opportunities for sightseeing, sporting, shopping and artistic expression.

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