Top Five Things to see in Paphos – Cyprus

 green01   October 2, 2012

Taking cheap holidays to Cyprus can be perfect if you’re keen to go on a break that will give you plenty of things to see and do. And if you’re something of a culture vulture, you are sure to find the array of attractions to be found in the south-west city of Paphos particularly captivating. But if you are making Paphos your holidays 2011 destination, what things should be on the top of your list to check out?

Paphos Castle, located on the edge of the Kato Paphos harbour, really ought to be among your must-visits.

First built during the island’s period of rule by the Byzantine Empire, the fort has been dismantled and reconstructed on several occasions, with the Ottomans and the Lusignans among the groups to have occupied it over the years.

Not only has the castle been used to defend the city, but it has also served as a prison and during Cyprus’ period as part of the British Empire was a storage facility for salt.

In 1935, the building was declared an ancient monument and as the site is open all-year round to visitors you can wander through and get a real feeling for its long history.

Paphos Castle

Paphos Castle – Source

Just a few minutes’ walk away from the harbour is the Paphos Archaeological Park. You can see a wide range of historic attractions at this Unesco World Heritage Status accredited site, including the Villa of Theseus and Houses of Dionysus, Orpheus and Aion. These buildings had been buried for hundreds of years, but after being uncovered by excavation work were found to be largely intact.

Entrance to the park is roughly €2 (£1.70) per person, and here you can see a fantastic mosaic depicting Theseus slaying the Minotaur, while climbing to the top of the Paphos Lighthouse can provide you with some stunning views of the city.

You may also want to visit the Archaeological Museum of Paphos, where you will be able see historic artefacts dating from the Neolithic Age to the 18th century.

While many of the objects contained in the museum were discovered in the Paphos region, there are also items uncovered from across all areas of Cyprus, including Lempa, Salamiou and Akourdalia.

Coins cut from the city’s mint and a marble bust of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, are just a selection of the pieces on show here.

You may also want to visit the stunning Panagia Chrysopolitissa church. As the place of worship has been destroyed and rebuilt on several occasions, elements of centuries-old architecture can be spotted to this day.

Here you can see Paul’s Pillar, where the saint was said to have been tied up and flogged for attempting to convert the island’s population to Christianity.

The floor of the church is covered with colourful mosaics, so make sure you check these out too.

Meanwhile, a trip to the Tomb of the Kings – which is about one mile north-west of the harbour – is certainly advisable if you enjoy ancient architecture. Carved out of solid rock, this necropolis features a range of tombs, frescoed walls and Doric pillars.

Despite their name however, the tombs are not the resting place of royalty but rather of high officials and aristocrats who ruled in around 300 BC. It is believed to be the opulence of the tombs that has given the site its name.

With so many stunning attractions, you will certainly not be short of things to see while on holiday in Paphos

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