Top 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

 green01   November 4, 2012

Most of earth body consists of water around three quarters; have you ever imagine that part of this water could be at more than 20,000 ft above sea level? There are numerous lakes in the world which are settled at very high altitude, wonderful and amazing! Isn’t it?

As being the creature of nature, everybody loves nature and nature lover can’t hinder from capturing the magnificent natural landscapes, if not in camera instantly but in any corner of mind, an everlasting impression till last breath.

These spectacular lakes are located at high altitude hidden in between the high rising mountains. There are numerous water bodies all across the globe. I endeavor to pile up a list for 10 highest lakes of the world.

Ojos Del Salado Pool

Ojos Del Salado Pool

Ojos Del Salado Pool – Source

Its mean the ‘Eyes of Salty Water’, is the highest volcano on earth with elevation of around 6,391 meters, situated in between the Chile and Argentina on south east border. At one end it has the beautiful small lake with just 100 meter diameter and about 10 meter deep.

Lhagba Pool

Lhagba Pool

Lhagba Pool – Source

This lake is located in Tibet on south west of Lhagba, with 50 meters width and length is about 180 meters while the second highest at an altitude of nearly 6,368 meters.

Changtse Pool

Changtse Pool

Changtse Pool – Source

With the height of approx 6,216 meters located in Tibet at the intersection of Changtse glacier and Changzheng peak. It has 230 meters width while its length is about 180 meters.

East Rongbuk Pool

East Rongbuk Glacier

East Rongbuk Glacier – Source

It is located in Tibet with height of 6,100 meters. It is not considered as the perfect lake being the seasonal, formed due to melting of glacier on the intersection of Rongbuk and Changtse glacier.

Acamarachi Pool

Acamarachi Pool

Acamarachi Pool – Source

With its 5,950 meters altitude, just 10 to 15 meters diameter located in the Chile. It is the second highest Crater Lake after Ojes Del Salado.

Lake Licancabur

Lake Licancabur

Lake Licancabur – Source

It is a volcano located on the border of Chile and Bolivia. This Crater Lake with the height of 5,916 meters has 100 meters length and 70 meters width.

Aguas Calientes Pool

Aguas Calientes Pool

Aguas Calientes Pool – Source

A reddish cone shaped Crater Lake in northern Chile with the height of 5,831 meters.

Ridonglabo Lake

This lake form by the depression created after melting of Karda glacier in Himalaya of Tibet, with 5,801 meters elevation.

Poquentica Lake

On borders of Chile and Bolivia with an elevation of around 5,750 meters.

Damavand Pool


Damavand – Source

It is a Carter lake located in northern Iran, with height of around 5,650 meters.

Most of the lakes are Carter Lakes formed due to the melting of glacier and located on the volcano peaks, fabulous sceneries worth to view.

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