Top 9 Most Expensive Cities To Park In The World

 Pakhi Sen   June 22, 2013

Renting a car during their vacation is one perk that lots of travelers cannot or will not do without. They like to have the freedom to move around as they choose without having to rely on the less than predictable or availability of public transportation.

However, if those travelers took the time to research parking fees associated in some of the top tourist cities in the world, they may rethink their travel plans entirely. Those fees can be quite pricey and can really dig into your travel budget.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten cities in the world that have the most outrageously high parking rates.

London, England

London Parking

London Parking – Source

London is another one of those timeless, tried and true tourist destinations. It’s also a city where you’ll find lots more double decker buses on the roads than you will private cars. Perhaps part of the reason for this is that their parking fees coincide with those of Austria, costing $58 per day and $1,740 per month.

New York City

New York City Parking

New York City Parking – Source

It’s no wonder you see far more taxis on the road in NYC than you do personal vehicles when daily parking rates average $40 per car. In a month of 30 days, that’s $1,200 for the privilege of letting your car occupy a tiny piece of real estate in this vast city.

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland Parking

Geneva, Switzerland Parking – Source

Geneva is the second most populated city in Switzerland and is home to one of the most important automobile shows in the industry – the Geneva Motor Show – so they know a bit about cars. That may be why they charge so much to park them. Parking in Geneva averages $47 per day, which comes out to just over $1,400 per month.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria parking

Vienna, Austria parking – Source

Vienna is the capital city of Austria and attracts millions of visitors each year, due to its cultural offerings. We’re sure most of those tourists will opt for public transportation once they find out that parking a car in the city costs just under $58 per day, which equals more than $1,700 per month.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan Parking

Tokyo, Japan Parking – Source

Tokyo is the world’s most populated city, with some 40 million residents calling it home. It’s no wonder that space of any kind would be at a premium. Trying to find parking spots for 40 million cars could prove futile. Maybe their way to circumvent this is to charge exorbitant fees. Parking in Tokyo averages $62 per day or $1,860 per month.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia parking

Sydney, Australia parking – Source

Being from a land down under, Australians may do things a bit differently than folks in other parts of the world and deciding how much to charge for parking in public places might be one of them. On average, it costs a whopping $66 per day – which is over $2,000 per month.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia parking

Melbourne, Australia parking – Source

Australians must really think highly of their public parking spaces. Just when you thought they couldn’t go any higher than Sydney’s $66 per car per day fee, Melbourne’s rates top those – coming in at a jaw dropping $70 per day or $2,100 per month.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark parking

Copenhagen, Denmark parking – Source

Australians aren’t the only ones who think their parking spaces must be lined with gold. Copenhagen has some rather outlandish parking fees as well. To park one car in this city for one day – just one day – will set you back $73. That’s $2,190 in a month’s time. No wonder Copenhagen has been deemed one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world, due to the number of bike riders. Their citizens likely can’t afford to own a car.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway parking

Oslo, Norway parking – Source

Topping the list with the most expensive parking rates in the world is Oslo, Norway. Their daily parking fee for one vehicle comes in at just under $100. The daily rate in Oslo is $89, which will set you back nearly $2,700 in a month’s time. Or $32,000 per year – however you choose to look at it.

Considering the parking rates in some of these cities, combined with the daily rental rates to rent a car plus insurance, you can see how public transportation should become more and more appealing. You don’t have to worry about parking or insurance and you can travel for mere pennies each way, coming and going.

The best way to avoid paying these crazy fees is to research all your transportation options in your chosen destination to be sure you find the best deals. In some places, it might be more feasible to rent a car, even with high parking fees. Do the research and the math to see which mode of transportation makes the most sense for your needs.

Next time you’re touring in a large city, pay attention to the traffic on the roads. If you see more public modes of transportation being used than personal vehicles, you can pretty much guess that city also has extraordinary parking fees.

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