Top 5 Portuguese Trekking Destinations

 green01   November 3, 2012

With Portugal getting increasingly popular as a travel destination, hordes of tourists are flocking to the capital Lisbon and the summer hubs of Allgarve. That’s good for them, but on the other hand…. it’s quite limiting indeed.

Because for anyone who is looking to explore real natural wonders of this country and who isn’t afraid to stray off the beaten path, there are much better options available in this country. As such, this article will present you to the three most recommendable Trekking destinations in Portugal.

If you’re looking for a chance to explore this country while doing a bit of communion with nature, these are indeed your best available options.  By the way: “serra” is Portuguese for “mountain range”, in case you’re wondering.

5) Serra do Marão

Serra do Marão

Serra do Marão – Source

A luxuriously extensive mass of pinewood and vineyard, the Marao mountain range is a rather pleasant area that’s suitable for extensive exploration and camping. This is an area of geographical contrasts, with a mixture of ample valleys interspersed with towering sharp mountains.  Its natural charms will not disappoint you.

4) Village and Castle of Lousã


Lousa – Source

Lousã is a mild mountain range in the heart of Portugal, and it’s known for the diverse vegetation and gentle slopes that seem to convey an alluring invitation for walking and exploring. Most of the trails in the region lead to the village of Arouca, with its impressive 11th century medieval castle nestled in the heart of the mountains. It you’re looking for walking trails with low to moderate inclination and temperate climate, this may be your best option in Portugal.

3) Serra d’Arga

Serra d’Arga

Serra d’Arga – Source

With a wide assortment of relatively low granitic mountains, atop of which you can admire the charms of Minho River and the quaint beauty of the neighboring villages of Caminha (Portugal) and Galiza (Spain), Serra d’Arga is a rater lovely destination that’s suitable for taking leisurely strolls in nature. Besides doing so, you may also want to participate in the picturesque traditional festivities available by the end of August, which provide a good chance to observe traditional Portuguese folklore.

2) Serra da Estrela Natural Park

Serra da Estrela Natural Park

Serra da Estrela Natural Park – Source

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain range in the country, and features the highest peak in continental Portugal at 6,540 ft (second only to the Pico Island in the Azores). The Estrela mountain range features a natural park encompassing a vast diversity of native plants and animals; this area is most famous as a ski resort, but during summer time it offers some exquisite opportunities for trekking – complete with beautiful rivers, some of which coursing at remarkable heights.

1) Peneda-Gerês National Park

Peneda Gerês National Park – Portugal

Peneda Gerês National Park – Portugal – Source

As far as Portugal goes, this is without a doubt the holy grail of trekkers; the largest natural reserve in the country and the only officially recognized natural park. Here, you will be able to explore virgin natural landscapes, engage in rural tourism and even admire different types of megalithic tombs scattered through the region.

You will get a chance to observe animals and plants unique to this region, taste some of the purest mineral water you’ve ever had, and meander through the mutiplicity of trails interweaving these awe-inspiring mountains and hills. If you love trekking and you only have the chance to explore one Portuguese destination, this should be it.

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