Top 5 Safari Animals Outside of the Big 5

 green01   November 3, 2012

Going on a safari gives you a great chance to see Africa’s Big Five, but being on a safari you want to see what other animals like to roam around, the vast African planes. So here is my list of exciting animals you should keep a look out for when you find yourself on top of a Land Rover wildlife spotting.

The Baboon

The Baboon

The Baboon – Source

It is best to try and spot the baboon early in the day when they are most social in their community, the adults sit in groups and groom each other, whilst the younger baboons play around. They forage for food after the grooming session rest in the mid day sun and then forage again, and will walk up to 10 miles in a day. They use over 30 different vocalizations so you may well hear them before you see them.

The Hartebeest

The Hartebeest

The Hartebeest – Source


Red Hartebeest or Rooi Hartebees

Red Hartebeest or Rooi Hartebees – Source

Other than sounding like the name was given to it by a pirate, the hartebeest (meaning tough ox) is an excellent variety of antelope to spot for its strong and elegant running, despite it’s clumsy look, it is one of the highest evolved ‘ungulates’. It is the fastest and most enduring runners. The hartebeest has suffered from a reduction due to the fact it competes for food resources with the growing cattle farms in Africa.

The Warthog

The Warthog

The Warthog – Source

This remarkable animal and is neither graceful nor beautiful but is a spectacularly interesting beast, despite being poor sighted they definitely have an attitude on them and the sharpened tusks they have make them an animal not to be taken lightly. Plus telling kids you’ve seen a real life Pumba from Lion King is sure to get you in the good books.

Bat-Eared Fox

Bat Eared Fox

Bat Eared Fox – Source

Not the most interesting of animals, but the Bat-Eared Fox is definitely an intriguing specimen, with the huge disproportionate ears occupying most of the head, you will know when you see one. They are mostly nocturnal so catch them at dusk.

The Serval

The Serval

The Serval – Source

My personal favorite is the Serval Cat, a beautiful cat that looks much like a cheetah, their long legs and necks make them indisputable when you spot one. They like to relax around savannas where there is plenty of water available and tall grass to hunt from. They are a solitary animal and generally hunt nocturnally and their penchant for thickets and long grass make them hard to spot even if they are out in the day time. But once you spot one of these beauties you will understand why they have been domesticated around the world.

These are some of my favorite animals to spot on the safari so remember to not just go for the glamor animals but really appreciate all the different varieties of animal you can see in the lands of Africa.

Guest blogger Andy does a lot of conservation and awareness building on behalf of Tropical Sky and is soon to travel to Tanzania for a two month conservation and cultural learning trip.

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