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 green01   October 2, 2012

It is difficult to describe Asia with a few words because the continent is so diverse. There are numerous jungles, countless temples in the crowded cities adjoining the shopping complexes, colonial towns with rushing rickshaws and affordable appetizing food.

Going for a romantic getaway or to unwind from the stressful and mundane routine, Asia is perfect in every way. You can find idyllic locations if you seek solitude and the bustling cities give you an eccentric mix of traditions and modernity. The world renowned countries like India, China and Singapore have been popular holiday destinations for individuals in quest of religious insight. Visit Indonesia for its culture or enjoy picturesque Flores Island with its forests and wildlife. Adventures and memorable events await every city and town you visit in Asia.



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Go hiking, snorkeling, swimming or bird watching, Asia has activities galore for visitors of versatile interest. Water skiing, boating, windsurfing, safari trips will keep you engaged during the trip. Endangered and spectacular varieties of bird and animal life can be found in every country you visit in Asia.

India is home to the wonder of the ancient world – Taj Mahal that attracts visitors from different corners of the globe. Architectural marvels from the Mughal rule are plenty in New Delhi, Jodhpur, Hyderabad and Agra. The colossal temples of South India, India Gate and Red Fort are other symbolic structures of the country to be seen.

China is popular for food, history and the Great Wall visible from the outer space. Popular cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing are worth visiting for their speeding development, new forms of cuisine and entertainment. You can get enriched with knowledge of spirituality as monks preach Buddhism and Hinduism along the Himalayas. Mouth watering dishes at sweet prices bring food lovers from far and beyond.

Cambodia, Nepal and Thailand are popular for their rich history, vast stretches of mountains and beaches. Take a trip to Laos for its temples, magnificent palaces and countryside that will take you to another historical era. Appetizing world class food will give you value for your money.

Long coastline of the Indian Ocean and diverse terrain from deserts to snow clad mountains; there is definitely something for everybody here. Millions of tourists come to Asia every year. See this biggest continent of our globe in its natural likelihood and you will be amazed at every place you stop. Hospitable people, world class hotels and welcoming weather will open a world of opportunities for journeying this continent.

Planning a holiday will give you relief from the hustle and bustle of your regular life. Find out how you can book a trip to this well known destination. These places are exotic in their own way yet completely accessible to one and all. Your budget may vary but the accommodating continent will provide entertainment for every wallet size.

Check out the options to have an adventure of lifetime with a short trip to Asia, you are bound to come back for longer duration. See how the Asians welcome you in style.

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